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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: New DSLs in the groovy platform itself for more script like use cases
Date Thu, 31 May 2018 15:08:35 GMT

Am 31.05.2018 um 07:09 schrieb adithyank:
> Hi All,
> Sorry for the disturbance !
> I had proposed some of the friendly DSLs in groovy platform itself. The
> original post here
> As I am new the this dev group, I have couple of doubts in the protocol
> 1. Is this `dev` mailing list the best way to propose new language features

dev is for the implementation, I personally think user and dev should be 
used. Depending on if I want a wider audience right away or not I 
usually go with either first

> 2. There has been `no reply` to this original thread. How should I
> understand now. Couple of options below
>       * Project maintainers are not interested to this proposal. So, not
> replied
>       * or People are busy in other things (new releases, etc), so no reply.
> I have to wait for more days and give reminder
>       * or what is the best way to take the proposals forward

reading it again your proposal was very specific without actually saying 
much ;) I think you need to chop them up one DSL at a time, maybe the 
suggestions for the extension methods in one mail on their own and then 
we can start discussing about if we want that like that or at all or 

You will also have to explain why you want what you want specifically... 
for example those bw prefixed methods... I am not sure what they are 
actually for.

bye Jochen

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