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From MG <>
Subject Re: What the... static compile by default
Date Mon, 14 May 2018 22:39:53 GMT
Hi Daniel,

On 12.05.2018 15:51, Daniel.Sun wrote:
> Hi mg,
>        I am trying to reduce the time on smart phone and computer to relax
> eyes :)

That sounds like a good idea :-)
(Have you already tried reducing the blue component on every display ? I 
do that with every monitor - at first the image looks yellow 
tinted/dark, but our brain adjusts to this quite quickly and yellow 
becomes white (unless the brain has something to compare it too ;-) )

> As for Groovy, I plan to support raw string[1] introduced by Java11
> since no similar thing in Groovy.

Definitely a good feature for Groovy to have, imho :-)

> Some days ago I discussed it with
> Guillaume, and I will start a VOTE thread to collect three +1 from PMC
> members before working on the new feature. In addition, I am going to fix
> STC issues and improve type infer,

That sounds great.
Don't know where we are discussion-wise on this topic, but maybe it 
would make sense that I work on var/final actually having the assigned 
RHS type in parallel to you (as time allows)... - thoughts (apart from 
"flow typing gives you the same thing", for which I believe I have 
already given examples showing that it is not ;-) ) ?

> some of which are really hard to fix...
> no wonder they have not been fixed for a long time. Apart from STC, I am
> going to implement native method/constructor reference for better
> performance(as you know, current method/constructor reference is based on
> method closure).

Don't know what Paul/Jochen think about this, but I would like to have 
that :-)

> Many things on my TODO list... After all of the thing are completed, I want
> to add a new DSL(something similar to LINQ in C#) to Groovy, it can be a
> subproject of Groovy or just my personal project...

My vote for Subproject of Groovy - it would definitely make Groovy even 
more attractive (I admit I am happy with functional type method 
chaining, I mostly used Linq under C# for group-by operations, but I 
know many people love it), and it has a bigger chance of drawing in 
other interested developers :-)
I am not sure, but from my experience, maybe we could do things a 
differently from the way C# does them, and (optionally?) keep more of 
the Linq representation, instead of completely turning it into an AST 
representation ? I remember that it was a hard problem (see re-linq 
project) to turn that AST representation back into e.g. SQL - which 
seemed silly, since Linq is modelled after SQL, and is therefore very 
similar syntax-wise...


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