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From adithyank <>
Subject Re: New DSLs in the groovy platform itself for more script like use cases
Date Thu, 31 May 2018 05:09:30 GMT
Hi All,

Sorry for the disturbance !

I had proposed some of the friendly DSLs in groovy platform itself. The
original post here

As I am new the this dev group, I have couple of doubts in the protocol

1. Is this `dev` mailing list the best way to propose new language features
2. There has been `no reply` to this original thread. How should I
understand now. Couple of options below
     * Project maintainers are not interested to this proposal. So, not
     * or People are busy in other things (new releases, etc), so no reply.
I have to wait for more days and give reminder
     * or what is the best way to take the proposals forward

Pls advice

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