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From adithyank <>
Subject New DSLs in the groovy platform itself for more script like use cases
Date Thu, 17 May 2018 12:07:14 GMT
I have always felt that groovy platform itself can have rich set of DSLs
(list given below) so that groovy will be in hands of many non-developers.
Even developers will find it much useful for quicker outputs.We can design
the DSLs in such a way that non-developers can define the work in
declarative style.Some of my ideas and an example structure for each idea is
given below.These are my proposals. We can identify lot of such use
cases.Can I start working on these if the team approves !Is it the right
channel to gain the votes, I am not sure. Pls advice
1. Database
a. Database querying, data transformation, printb. Similar Use cases can be
listed very easily
2. Text / String processing 
a. use cases for more command line text processing like `awk`b. command line
3. Lot of String Extension methods
4. Simple Unit conversions
a.  938.meter.toMilesb. 9823749.bytes.toGBc. lots like this
5. Http Client DSL
a. Download / xml processing / print raw text
6. Xml to different types of 2d conversion
7. Json to different types of 2d conversion

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