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From Daniel Sun <>
Subject Re: About the Phoenix plan for Groovy
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2018 11:18:26 GMT
Hi Jochen,

>      To me this means: to be able to compile like Java, you have to be
> able 
> to turn flow typing off. 
      Thanks for your reminding :-)

>  You really want 
> to go with bit-by-bit equality?
       I do not care about how to generating same bytecode as Java's but I
want the same execution result. That's like the relationship between IBM's
J9 and Oracle's Hotspot. it is the backend of the compiler
       As for the frontend, Groovy syntax is much complex than Java's, so I
plan to make Parrot parser support Java syntax as a dialect.

> I would include the OpenJDK in there, especially the tests for generics. 
> And especially the tests for things that are supposed to *not* compile.
       OK. I'll take into account  it :-)

> Finally, not wanting to sound negative, but finding bugs is one thing, 
> fixing them is another and we do not have a shortage on reported bugs 
> for the static compiler 
       We always fix bugs but do not know when we will complete. The Phoenix
plan can make the target much more clear. The development process is similar
to Parrot parser, which parses the source code of grails, gradle, spock, geb
and groovy itself for test compatibility, so the quality of the Parrot
parser is assured ;-)


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