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From "Daniel.Sun" <>
Subject RE: GROOVY-8527: Enhance import aliasing to an alias with a package name
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2018 06:33:18 GMT
Hi Eric,

      Groovy language must evolve to survive. 
      How to evolve? 1) Adding useful new features; 2) Fixing existing bugs;

      As for 1), the old parser has not been maintained for a long time, new
features are hard to implement, so I spent several months to develop the
brand new parser Parrot(700+ commits to groovy-parser project util now). Not
only make it compatible with existing grammar, but also handle most of
Java7+ grammar properly. Though my effort is vetoed by someone, I love
Groovy, so I still continue contributing without any payment and flower.

      As for 2), I always try to fix some critical even blocker bugs. e.g.
GROOVY-8439, do you know how long I spend to fix it? whole night... In
someone's option, groovy core team does not fix bugs eagerly, they are wrong
in fact. Some bugs are really hard to fix especially STC related.

      At last, thanks for your effort on reporting bugs and developing the
appealing eclipse plugin for Groovy!


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