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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Await/ async?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 11:57:54 GMT
On 26.03.2018 08:34, David Dawson wrote:
> Hi,
> I do a load of async programming, in the JVM world, mostly using RxJava 
> and CompleteableFuture). Not so much GPars or Reactor these days, but 
> the principles are fairly portable.
> I've noticed that since I started using typescript on the front end, 
> getting access to await/ async there has been really nice for cleaning 
> up async code (also, some .NET langs have similar systems). Of course, 
> async is required in that environment, but having it able to be read in 
> a similar way to synchronous code is very useful, removing the nesting.
> I was wondering if anyone had though about syntax support for await/ 
> async use cases?

I did, almost 3 years ago already... then time constraints forced me to 
do other things. My idea back then was to base this on gpars though. And 
I was about to investigate what of the concurrency patterns can be 
transformed to  async/await in a reasonable manner, how that would look 
like and to what extend that could be used as a general way. 
CompletableFuture was not really an option back then, because of it 
requiring Java 8 and the Future class... well...let´s forget about that 
one. Another thing that keeps me from CompletableFuture is that it 
internally already spawns threads, even if you do not use it. So I had a 
lot open on the semantics side of this.

But syntax wise....
> String async myAsyncMethod() {
> }
> def async otherAsyncMethod() {
>     String myString = await myAsyncMethod()
>     printn "My String is $myString"
> }

syntax wise I think I had this (or with async annotation) on both

bye Jochen

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