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From Remko Popma <>
Subject picocli-based CliBuilder backwards compatibility
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2018 03:58:48 GMT
CliBuilder exposed some commons-cli classes (see below).

Is it okay to remove these, or should these be left as deprecated
properties in the CliBuilder class to retain binary compatibility with
pre-2.5 versions?

Note that if these properties remain the new picocli-based implementation
will ignore them, so the behaviour will change.

 * Normally set internally but allows you full customisation of the
underlying processing engine.
CommandLineParser parser = null

 * Normally set internally but can be overridden if you want to
customise how the usage message is displayed.
HelpFormatter formatter = new HelpFormatter()

 * Not normally accessed directly but full access to underlying
options if needed.
Options options = new Options()

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