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From "Kerridge, Jon" <>
Subject Re: GPars and versions of Groovy
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2018 09:27:56 GMT

It depends which bit of GPars you are using.  if you are using the CSP bit, sometimes known
as JCSP, then this works on most JDK's back to 1.5 (I think).  I have recompiled the code
as each JDK came ut to the latest version and never had to chnage the underlying Java coding.
 I have yet to try JDK9.  But it is on my todo list in the near future.

I will be making the JCSP more easily availabale with an Apache 2 licence very shortly.


Professor Jon Kerridge
School of Computing
Edinburgh Napier University
Merchiston Campus
Edinburgh EH10 5DT

0131 455 2777<>

From: Jim Northrop <>
Sent: 06 March 2018 19:15:00
Subject: Re: GPars and versions of Groovy

Thanks to you for this -

Does this mean that GPars will no longer work on JDK1.7 ? What is the minimum jdk that we
require for GPars, please ?

> On 6 Mar 2018, at 18:04, Russel Winder <> wrote:
> On Tue, 2018-03-06 at 16:43 +0000, Kerridge, Jon wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Jon,
>> I am having the same problems with the JCSP and GroovyJCSP libraries
>> as well!
> It has been a very long while since I created the JCSP-1.1-rc5 artefact
> and put it into Maven Central. I can't remember which Java I used to
> build it. I am not sure I still have the Git repository with all the
> changes I needed to create the artefact.
>> Currently I have compilations for 2.4.14 and 2.5.x
> For Gant (a now useless project except for GINT) I have a Gradle build
> that builds for whichever Groovy versions I choose. Currently I assume:
> 2.4: 2.4.14
> 2.5: 2.5.0-beta-3
> 2.6: 2.6.0-alpha-3
> 3.0: 3.0.0-alpha-1
> except it doesn't build just now as I haven't upgraded the build to
> Gradle 4.6. I'll fix this. The core idea is to set Gradle to build
> multiple projects but all using the same source just with different
> dependencies. Naming is the big issue. I have gone with:
> gant_groovy2.4
> gant_groovy2.5
> gant_groovy2.6
> gant_groovy3.0
>> I am then coping with the various versions of Java as well J8, 9 10
>> and 11 before the end of this year!
> I am assuming a JDK8 target even though I am using JDK9. I have not
> done this as yet, but I am guessing that my one-dimensional structure
> can be extended to two dimensions by changing the path to the JDK
> version. This I think would be an excellent extension of the build
> matrix.
> If we need to do for GPars what I did for Gant, it would be a good
> opportunity to revise that whole build, indeed start from scratch. The
> Gant build has the added complexity of being able to build against a
> locally installed Groovy (built from Groovy master/HEAD usually).
> --
> Russel.
> ===========================================
> Dr Russel Winder      t: +44 20 7585 2200
> 41 Buckmaster Road    m: +44 7770 465 077
> London SW11 1EN, UK   w:<>

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