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From MG <>
Subject Re: About supporting `var` of Java10+
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2018 00:48:55 GMT

On 09.03.2018 00:01, Paul King wrote:
> But Java doesn't have a dynamic mode so it is difficult to offer the 
> exact same behavior. We could prohibit "var" from being used in 
> dynamic Groovy but users might expect to be able to cut and paste from 
> Java and run in dynamic mode.

I am convinced that is what people expect, at least that was exactly 
what I did, and what I tell Java developers is so great about Groovy: 
Just start by pasting/writing Java without semicolons at the end of each 
line, and learn as you go along.
I feel I am missing something here, because where you seem to see 
problems, in my mind var "just" gets replaced by the RHS type as early 
as possible - why would this raise any problems in dynamic or static 
Groovy ?

var x = RHS


typeof(RHS) x = RHS

gives exactly what any developer who knows var would expect, no ?

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