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From MG <>
Subject Re: Java 8 Date/Time API Extensions Methods [GROOVY-8334]
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2018 18:43:03 GMT
In general I agree that the half-open interval [TS_FROM, TS_TO) should 
be the default behavior for intervals due to the reasons given - 
whatever detailed influence that has on discrete iterations / 
upto/downto :-)

On 18.03.2018 17:45, Alexander Veit wrote:
> Hi,
>> 2) changing the behavior of the upto method (and downto) so that, when
>> using a custom unit of iteration that prevents the start value from being
>> incremented exactly to the end value, the method returns as soon as the
>> current value becomes strictly later than the end value. In my first stab
>> at it, the method returned when the current iteration value became later
>> than the end value _by at least one unit_. As a result, the closure could
>> be called with a value later than the end parameter, which seemed
>> undesirable. e.g.
> Judging from my experience in dealing with time intervals, the most
> natural way for defining them is as half-open intervals with the lower
> bound included and the upper bound excluded. This allows the whole
> timeline to be completely and non-overlapping covered with such
> intervals. This is not only a mathematically desireable property, but
> also helps making code simpler in many cases.
> I do not know, if this approach is in accordance with the general design
> rules of this API, but if so, it would suggest that an ascending
> iteration should not yield values greater or equal the upper bound.

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