A couple notes on Groovy 2.5b3:


1) The groovy-2.5.0-beta-3-sources.jar on Maven Central has a lot of duplicate source entries; at least under the groovy packages.


2) I'm having a little trouble with the new PropertyHandler stuff that supports @Immutable.  The error "The propertyHandler class 'groovy.transform.options.ImmutablePropertyHandler' on @MapConstructor  is not a propertyHandler" is showing anywhere @Immutable is applied.  I think the ClassLoader used to load PropertyHandler was different from the one passed as "loader" to the method below.  And so the isAssignableFrom check fails.  When I edit (see below) to use the same class loader used for PropertyHandler, the check and typecast succeed.



    public static PropertyHandler createPropertyHandler(AbstractASTTransformation xform, GroovyClassLoader loader, ClassNode cNode) {

        List<AnnotationNode> annotations = cNode.getAnnotations(PROPERTY_OPTIONS_TYPE);

        AnnotationNode anno = annotations.isEmpty() ? null : annotations.get(0);

        if (anno == null) return new groovy.transform.options.DefaultPropertyHandler();


        ClassNode handlerClass = xform.getMemberClassValue(anno, "propertyHandler", ClassHelper.make(groovy.transform.options.DefaultPropertyHandler.class));


        if (handlerClass == null) {

            xform.addError("Couldn't determine propertyHandler class", anno);

            return null;



        String className = handlerClass.getName();

        try {

            // GRECLIPSE edit

            //Object instance = loader.loadClass(className).newInstance();

            Object instance = PropertyHandler.class.getClassLoader().loadClass(className).newInstance();

            // GRECLIPSE end

            if (instance == null) {

                xform.addError("Can't load propertyHandler '" + className + "'", anno);

                return null;


            if (!PropertyHandler.class.isAssignableFrom(instance.getClass())) {

                xform.addError("The propertyHandler class '" + handlerClass.getName() + "' on " + xform.getAnnotationName() + " is not a propertyHandler", anno);

                return null;



            return (PropertyHandler) instance;

        } catch (Exception e) {

            xform.addError("Can't load propertyHandler '" + className + "' " + e, anno);

            return null;




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