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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: About extracting common methods to reduce the size of class files
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2018 11:42:10 GMT

Am 23.01.2018 um 01:18 schrieb Daniel Sun:
> Hi Jochen
>> $getStaticMetaClass can I think not be put in an interface. It needs
>> static information about the exact class this method is in and there is
>> supposed to be one for each Groovy class we create...
> While I investigated the implementation of the instance method
> `$getStaticMetaClass`, I found It seems that `$getStaticMetaClass` can also
> be put in an interface too, because we can get static information via
> reflection( e.g. `this.getClass().getField("$staticClassInfo")` )   ;-)
ah, instance method, so I did remember this part wrong, but the field 
$staticClassInfo is static. Frankly I question this logic quite a bit 
right now let me rewrite the bytecode a bit:

>    protected synthetic $getStaticMetaClass()Lgroovy/lang/MetaClass;
>      if (this.getClass()!=Test1.class) {
>        return ScriptBytecodeAdapter.initMetaClass(this)
>      } else {
>        if (Test1.$staticClassInfo==null) {
>          Test1.$staticClassInfo = ClassInfo.getClassInfo(this.getClass())
>        }
>     }
>     return Test1.$staticClassInfo.getMetaClass()

>> I also intend to remove the meta
>> class in the class itself and have it 100% managed outside. But that
>> depends.
> It will break many existing code. In addition, that will make Groovy less
> object oriented IMHO, e.g. `` VS
> `InvokerHelper.invokeMethod(groovyObj, "foo", EMPTY_OBJECT_ARRAY)`, I prefer
> the former...

Oh you compare wrong. would still work. YOu ahve to compare

InvokerHelper.invokeMethod(groovyObj, "foo", EMPTY_OBJECT_ARRAY)


groovyObj.invokeMethod("foo", EMPTY_OBJECT_ARRAY)

I consider that a minor inconvenience on the user side, but a big win 
(in terms of cleaning up the MOP) on our side.

bye Jochen

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