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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: Add default methods to some interfaces in Groovy 2.6+
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2018 01:36:16 GMT
A discussion worth having and we already do some of this, e.g. take a look
at ASTNode and NodeMetaDataHandler in master.
Just a reminder, 2.6 is still jdk7 capable. Groovy 3+ is JDK8 minimum, so
the changes would be in 3+.
For me, it's lower priority than some other things (including getting 2.5,
2.6 and 3 out the door). I think wholesale changes
of that kind would be a great refactoring for 3.1 but I'm disinclined to
have any more branches right now, so I'd hold off
for a little bit. But if there is a good reason to we can start some such

Incidentally, I did some quick fixes to get the binary compatibility report
working again late last year after it being
off for a while due to some dependency conflicts. There are some things to
fix in that report but I also
noticed that changes like the above were being flagged - methods "moved" up
the hierarchy were being flagged
as missing. Does anyone know how to hush those? Is there a setting for

Cheers, Paul.

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 9:04 AM, <> wrote:

> Now that Java 8 is the minimum required runtime, could some default
> methods be added to interfaces such as org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.MethodCall
> or org.codehaus.groovy.ast.Variable.  For example, predicate checks like
> isStatic(), et al. could be implemented in terms of getModifiers(), would
> provide convenience to receivers of Variable instances, and would save a
> bunch of repeated overrides in implementing classes.
> Can anyone think of other interfaces in core groovy that could benefit
> from default methods?

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