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From MG <>
Subject Re: Building Groovy
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2017 22:24:35 GMT
On 19.12.2017 18:23, Paul King wrote:
> I agree with earlier comments in particular from Jochen and C├ędric. I 
> also suspect that JDK 9 issues may force us down the indy only path at 
> some point not too far away and I think we just have to keep 
> optimising the common cases in the meantime using some benchmarking 
> tests perhaps to guide efforts - just hard to find the time to tackle 
> that right now.

10 cent time: With regards to the problem of development resources, have 
you tried / considered gathering money through crowdfunding to pay 
someone to speed up important development goals ? I think I read a post 
by you that touched on the topic of being a paid Groovy developer, and I 
am not suggesting someone quit his day job to do this. Funding would 
most likely be too unsteady to do that. But if someone already had a 
software company with some employees, he could see this as one project 
among others, on which one developer could work for some time. And it 
woud allow companies who use Groovy to expedit development without 
committing too much...


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