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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Extension method upgrades
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2017 23:53:12 GMT
On 17.12.2017 23:23, Nathan Harvey wrote:
> I am not familiar with the concept of static categories, can you explain the
> difference between that and extension methods? I think we should clear up
> the terminology.

the idea is basically to have what we have now for extension methods and 
categories, but reduce the scope to a lexical one. And for this there 
have been two ways thought of, where one way is something like an static 
import of the category methods (so there would be an import statement 
for them basically) and the other way is to change the use-command to be 
able to maximally reduce the scope. Of course this means there will be 
no service required. Thus it would not cause the problem you have imho.

> My main focus with this post is removing the step of isolating extension
> methods to a separate dependency, as this creates numerous problems. One
> large one I haven't mentioned yet is the inability to test the methods
> within the same project as they are declared, for example. Anyway there are
> obviously a number of ways to achieve this.

Would you be fine with a class level annotation?

bye Jochen

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