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From Remi Forax <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Automatic module names
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2017 10:39:55 GMT
you can not have a dash in the name if you want the module name be referenced in a

so it should be org.apache.groovy.json


On December 3, 2017 10:31:27 AM GMT+01:00, "Cédric Champeau" <>
>Hi fellow Groovy devs,
>We had 2 different conversations in the past weeks regarding automatic
>module names for Groovy. We also starting receiving notifications that
>3rd party projects are blocked by Groovy when upgrading to modules
>is no surprise). Logback for one.
>We need to move forward, and take small steps forward. So, here's the
>1a. Replace the groovy-all jar with a groovy-all POM with just
>dependencies, so that those depending on groovy-all.jar would now get
>groovy.jar, groovy-json.jar and friends, instead of the all jar.
>1b. Add automatic module names for all jars we have. Since we know
>changes are coming, I'd suggest using "org.codehaus.groovy",
>"org.codehaus.groovy-json", ...
>2. Fix split packages
>3. When this is fixed, change module names to "org.apache.groovy",
>"org.apache.groovy-json", ...
>I would do 1a and 1b as soon as possible (2.5).
>I would do 2 and 3 for 3.0, since those are binary breaking changes.
>is also why I would leverage that to move to org.apache module names.
>I am against providing another -all jar, which would be confusing. Also
>have to get rid, as a larger community (java), of the bad habit of
>fat jars as dependencies. Those should only be used in final
>not libraries, so should be transparent to consumers.
>Please vote, so that we can move forward.
>[ ] +1 The plan sounds good
>[ ] 0 I don't understand enough of the context to have an opinion
>[ ] -1 because...
>Thanks a lot,

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