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From MG <>
Subject Re: Building Groovy
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2017 01:28:08 GMT
But the fact that it is an internal implementation detail does not 
prohibit technical minded people to be interested in them. Most 
developers I have met were interested in such things.
Most men have e.g. at least some knowledge about the inner workings of 
their car, even if that are internal implementation details.
In any case I think it would be worth a try, if nothing comes of it, 
nothing is lost...

On 21.12.2017 15:59, C├ędric Champeau wrote:
>>     I disagree. 99% of our users don't even know what call site
>>     caching is. They don't know what invokedynamic means,
>     You think that 99% of Java professionals do not know what a
>     feature that has been around since Java 7 is ?
>     And even if that was the case: Google "java invoke dynamic" =>
>     <>
>     from 2011
> Of course. It's not a user facing feature. It's an internal 
> implementation detail of JVM languages. Even if you play with 
> `MethodHandles`, you will never deal directly with invoke dynamic.

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