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From Nathan Harvey <>
Subject Re: Extension method upgrades
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2017 22:23:35 GMT
I think Groovy's extension methods are not more clean than Kotlin's. Having
to isolate them to an external dependency helps consolidate them, I suppose,
but that doesn't change much for readability within usages - you still have
to Ctrl+Click or similar to find out where a method originates. 

I am not familiar with the concept of static categories, can you explain the
difference between that and extension methods? I think we should clear up
the terminology.

My main focus with this post is removing the step of isolating extension
methods to a separate dependency, as this creates numerous problems. One
large one I haven't mentioned yet is the inability to test the methods
within the same project as they are declared, for example. Anyway there are
obviously a number of ways to achieve this.

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