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From Mauro Molinari <>
Subject Re: Is FieldsAndPropertiesStaticCompileTest#testUseGetterFieldAccess really correct?
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:09:08 GMT
Il 24/11/2017 01:46, Jochen Theodorou ha scritto:
> In my opinion the test is wrong, but I'd like to hear others about this.
> And another point. We seem to have no similar test for dynamic Groovy. 
> Groovy does use direct field access if the field is available on 
> "this". But the question here is if that extends to all super classes. 
> In my opinion it should.
> If I get no vetos I will push a fix for this for all current groovy 
> versions 

I don't know if I understood it right, but are you saying that you think 
that invoking b.usingGetter() in your example should not call A.getX(), 
but rather access A.x directly? And that, I guess, the same policy 
should apply for the corresponding setter?
I guess you think so because A.x is declared as protected, don't you? 
Because if A.x had no modifier, I think that such a change may break a 
lot of code that assumes getter/setter are called, in particular I'm 
thinking of the write access case for @Bindable fields.


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