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From Paul King <>
Subject travis-ci changes
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:14:00 GMT
Hi folks,

I gave some TLC to our builds - in particular travis-ci over the past few
Current status is that the following environments are now covered on

2_4_X: openjdk6 openjdk7 oraclejdk8
2_5_X: openjdk7 oraclejdk8
2_6_X: openjdk7 oraclejdk8 oraclejdk9
master: oraclejdk8 oraclejdk9

They all run fine for me locally but currently the oraclejdk9 builds are
bombing out on the CI server during the generateGrammarSource task (the
Antlr plugin):

If anyone has any thoughts on why, I'd be keen to hear from you or
confirmation on which environments it works/doesn't work.

There are a handful of places where a test or part of a test that is broken
on jdk9 is currently skipped over (normally has FIX_JDK9 in a comment
nearby). We obviously want to get rid of all of those before final releases
of 2_6 or 3_0 but at least with a green build now on jdk9 we should be able
to stop any new errors being added to the list. Happy for any help getting
rid of any of the FIX_JDK9 hacks.

Cheers, Paul.

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