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From Paul King <>
Subject identifying low-hanging fruit tasks for the community
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 13:36:04 GMT
Hi everyone,

I was asked again recently to identify some potential tasks for various
keen members of the community who want to help. We have done this to some
degree in the past using various labels on jira tickets but I think perhaps
we could look at potential improvements to how we identify and advertise
such tasks.

There were two things I was going to try. Firstly, some better consistency
in our labels: we currently use these labels (at least - maybe more):
beginner, easyfix, contrib, newbie, and help-requested. I was going to try
to shrink that list. Secondly, I was thinking we could perhaps use Apache's
helpwanted app/page:
I don't know how popular or widely known it is but it seems worth a try.

Thoughts or suggested tickets are welcome.

My initial goal will just be to get a small backlog of such tasks available
using a consistent label scheme and fed into the helpwanted app. I am happy
to get the ball rolling and advertise what naming scheme I end up selecting
(and adding that to the docs) but it will work best if a few folks chime in
and get their favourite tasks added to the list(s). We don't need an
extensive list of tasks, just ones that are easy for contributors to
identify and for us to identify too so that we can ensure they remain up to
date and contain the needed info for contributors to get started relatively

For anyone interested, the search I used:

Cheers, Paul.

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