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From Paul King <>
Subject Mini roadmap
Date Tue, 09 May 2017 12:57:52 GMT
Hi everyone,

We are asked from time to time about Groovy's roadmap (e.g. [1]). Having a
roadmap is conceptually a very attractive idea. It helps us plan our
releases and reminds us of our big ticket items we are wanting to do going
forward. It also helps users of the language do their planning.

Having said that, we also know that there are potential problems. We used
to have a wiki page on codehaus with a rough roadmap[2]. As others have
pointed out, it was sometimes unrealistic and/or out of date. A very
extensive list of tasks is also a maintenance burden and sometimes we spend
lots of time debating about what should be done and when even though in
reality we might only have resourcing for a small subset of the potential
ideas we collectively have. I should also mention that we have quite a bit
of information already in Jira with tickets having 3.x, 4.x etc. indicative
fix versions and don't want to duplicate that information. In any case,
that information is possibly incomplete and isn't in a very digestible form.

So, what I am proposing to do is a mini roadmap. It will just be a web page
with a few forward looking releases on it and hopefully just a few big
ticket items for each release listed. Perhaps something like this:

Release 2.5
+ Macros
+ various new AST transforms and utility classes (I'll expand slightly

Release 2.6
+ Backport of new Parrot parser

Release 3.0
+ New Parrot parser
+ Revamped XML module (suggested spike to prepare for JDK9 modules)
+ @NamedArguments (or similar) for type inferencing with Map arguments

It will be important on the page to indicate that this isn't a complete
list, and have references off to other sources of information.

Let me know your thoughts (and/or suggestions for the big ticket items -
though by necessity I want to keep the listed items short, so I won't be
able to include everything).

Cheers, Paul.


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