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From Yazad Khambata <>
Subject Some trivial tickets
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 15:40:35 GMT

I have been looking around to see if there some simple items I can
pick up to make some initial contributions. I see 3 trivial tickets
that I can work on if that's ok,

DefaultGroovyMethods class's plus(T[] left, xxxx<T> right) have ambiguous errors

In this ticket I see Paul has requested a test case and has not
received a response, I could look at providing a test case and a fix
for this. Note I see that there also a duplicate filed but that is
closed without any work-log or comments.

AbstractHttpServlet should extend GenericServlet directly instead of HttpServlet

Looks like this is one of the tickets where I may be able to provide
some analysis and suggestions and based on that a decision can be made
to either close it or implement it.

Both tickets have had some comments in 2016 but don't seem to have an
owner. Please let me know if I can pick them up. Thank you.

Yazad Khambata

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