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From 孙 岚 <>
Subject About the performance between master and GROOVY_2_5_X
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:11:11 GMT
Hi all,

      I noticed that the performance of master is better than GROOVY_2_5_X.

      About 17% time saved when running tests in the TeamCity CI instance:
master costs 18m:55s(TeamCity CI, Parrot disabled)
GROOVY_2_5_X costs 22m:51s(TeamCity CI, without Parrot)

      And about 37% time saved when running tests in the Travis CI instance:
master costs 20 min 25 sec(Travis CI, Parrot enabled)
GROOVY_2_5_X costs 32 min 52 sec(Travis CI, without Parrot)

      Can we infer that the new parser Parrot does not impact the performance or even improve
the performance somehow?


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