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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: moving the Groovy website
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2017 22:30:40 GMT
One question I have. How important is the git history of the website? Is a
clean slate copy of all the files to the new repo acceptable? I'd never
want to do this for code but is it less of an issue for the site? Note:
this doesn't affect user guide doco which is versioned in the code repo
along with the code - I'm talking about the fairly static pages on the site
(downloads, events, mailing-lists, etc.).

Thanks, Paul.

On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 7:57 AM, Paul King <> wrote:

> One of the action items we've had since joining Apache is to move our
> website onto Apache infrastructure. We've made changes to our release
> process to make it easier to publish a new release's documentation onto the
> site and we are finally getting around to actually moving the site. This
> will hopefully happen over the next few weeks and our goal will be to make
> it as seamless as possible.
> More details will follow - this is just a heads-up for anyone planning to
> make changes to the site for the next little while. Probably best to
> pre-announce any such changes and I can give advice as to which repo(s) you
> should target. We might need to make changes in two places for a very short
> period.
> Cheers, Paul.

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