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From Mario Garcia <>
Subject Re: master branch has had the 'parrot' branch merged
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2017 07:54:51 GMT
Great news :)

Great work guys!!

2017-04-11 3:49 GMT+02:00 Paul King <>:

> Hi all,
> I merged the parrot branch into master. All the tests pass.
> I'll split off the GROOVY_2_6_X branch next week (the idea of that branch
> is outlined in earlier emails) and merge in the parrot backport before
> bumping master to jdk8.
> Daniel, we'll need to do some re-work wrt to the zips in:
> subprojects/groovy-parser-antlr4/src/test/resources
> We can't have those zips embedded within the src zip we use for
> distribution (Apache policy). Rat currently doesn't check that subproject.
> It seems useful to still have those tests though, so we need to (logically
> at least) "move them off to the side" somehow. Several ways we can do it. I
> can assist next week when I get back from holidays if you don't have any
> luck in the meantime.
> Cheers, Paul.

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