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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Purpose of MetaClass.getClassNode
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2017 17:56:00 GMT
On 16.04.2017 16:41, Tatai Márton wrote:
> I came across groovy.lang.MetaClass.getClassNode, which strikes me as an
> inappropriate method as a part of the runtime. This method seems
> potentially useful, but unnecessarily couples compile time to the
> runtime apparatus.

I also think we have to remove it. Problem is, that the last time I 
think I asked before 1.0 and back then it was used much more often. And 
since we did not want to make breaking changes in this area we got the 
burden of it since then. 3.0 (master should be 3.0) is the next chance 
to get rid of this, thus, yes, any pull request for this is welcome.

> The MetaClassImpl implementation of this method only
> works as long as the source is available and can be located on the
> classpath.

yes, this was from even before transforms, basically your only chance to 
do something like getting an AST similar to what C# offers for example. 
AST transform reduced the need for this kind of logic a lot... still 
would be interesting in cases, by well. Still we do not have a solution 
for that, that works without static information across call sites.

On the other hand... now that I think of it.... There is actually a 
solution with transforms... hmm... well, I do not want to redirect the 
purpose of this thread

> Even if this is the case, the compiler is pretty convoluted,
> and I'm not even sure that the same AST can be generated at runtime as
> compile time.

Define "same AST". Then we talk about if it is possible.

> I've tried to look into the history of this method, and a pretty ancient
> commit mentions this as a residual feature, which should be removed:

yepp...let´s get rid of it

bye Jochen

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