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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Help with pitching Groovy and Grails
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 21:49:01 GMT
On 21.02.2017 22:51, Raviteja Lokineni wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> I was trying to pitch using Grails for one of our projects and the
> discussions always ended up with "using reflections in JVM is slow
> period". I am not knowledgeable to defend the internals of either Groovy
> or Grails, need some help on this topic.
> The only selling point that they identified was GORM.
> I thought this might be the time to ask the developer community. I am
> trying to gather some points on using Grails over a Spring boot application.
> Also, can anyone help me understand how Groovy runtime optimizations are
> applied on a high level and if it will affect the runtime performance.

donĀ“t forget in Grails you have a very thin Groovy layer over Java code. 
That little Groovy makes a big difference in the usage, but not in the 
performance part. And depending on what you do Groovy can be pretty fast 
(Java 10s, Groovy 15s for example). That might be related to Groovy 
actually not using Reflection where possible... well, of course I should 
also mention that for a example a method call using reflection use to be 
like factor 30 slower compared with a direct method call using Java. But 
that is no longer true for a long time. And then in Groovy we use 
runtime code generation to avoid Reflection and optionally you could 
also use the indy port, which is based on invokedynamic (the same one 
that is used for method calls for lambdas) which can be pretty fast. And 
if that is not enough, you can still use the static compiler to be 
around the same level as Java.

bye Jochen

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