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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: release process
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 09:08:15 GMT

On 19.01.2017 20:07, Paul King wrote:
> +1 with a few comments below.
> There has been discussion about releases for 2.4.9, 2.5.0-beta-1 and
> 3.0.0-ea-1. Perhaps we should split between us? I'd suggest I do the
> first two with you as "co-pilot" and swap roles for the third?

the first two time-wise would be 2.5.0-beta-1 and 3.0.0-ea-1 in my 
opinion. But yes, we can do it like that. I guess we will need to set a 
time for that, once 2.5.0-beta-1 is ready to go, but first we need to 
merge the parrot branch ;)

> Wrt promoting our release process/scripts, I'd probably hold off a bit.
> We're on a journey to move more pieces onto Apache infrastructure. I'd
> prefer to direct energies to that. If we make a few more steps in that
> direction, our scripts will be closer to what other projects need and
> there'll probably be less to document too.

fine with me

bye Jochen

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