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From Paul King <>
Subject Website deployment
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2017 10:23:09 GMT
Just a heads-up that the auto website publishing on the CI server was
flakey last week - I spoke to a couple of you directly about it - but
just to raise awareness I'll repeat here.

It started failing a couple of days before I did the last release and
without intervention (as far as I know) is fixed now. I presume it was
some spurious networking error but if anyone notices anything strange,
please report your observations.

I also added some adhoc steps into the release script in the
groovy/groovy-release repo to allow the website to be published from
outside the CI if needed (credentials to the CI box are still
required). There is more work to be done around credentials at some
point but that is the subject of another email. I have recorded just a
few notes below in case it re-surfaces.

Cheers, Paul.


The error message was:
Caused by: PKIX path building failed: unable to
find valid certification path to requested target
groovy.json.JsonException: Unable to process url:

This is typically what happens when accessing a site with a
self-signed certificate. But looking at the certificates manually and
from several other boxes, I don't believe that was the issue here. It
also worked fine from IcedTea JDK on the CI box but not using Oracle
JDK7/8. I suspect some kind of spurious networking error whereby some
hostname somewhere up the certification path isn't being found by dns
- possibly the incorrect IP address in some DNS cache.

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