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From Daniel Sun <>
Subject Re: SimpleHTTPServer for Groovy 3( Maybe Groovy 2.5.0? )
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2016 01:17:51 GMT
Maybe we can use -m to specify the module instead of the convenient way -lh, e.g. groovy -m
SimpleHTTPServer [base dir] [context root].

Thanks for your feedback.


在 2016年12月15日 上午6:37,"Suderman Keith-3 [via Groovy]" <>写道:
-1 as well.

While it is a cool feature, I have to agree that it feels more like a lib than something that
belongs in the language itself.

On Dec 14, 2016, at 7:55 AM, Daniel Sun <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=5737245&i=0>>

groovy -m com.sparkjava:spark-groovy -c "serve(port: 8080, path:
How many characters will we type... to be frank, I am not that patient to
type such a long command.

That is what shell scripts are for, it is not a reason to include something in the core language.


On Dec 14, 2016, at 12:46 PM, Marcin Erdmann <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=5737245&i=1>>

-1 from me as well, fells more like a lib feature than a language feature. I agree with other
folks that it is bloating the language for quite a narrow usecase.

On Wed, 14 Dec 2016 at 12:39, Sergei Egorov <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=5737245&i=2>>
Hi Daniel,

To be honest, I don't like it, -1 from me.

Why? Because we already put more and more stuff into the groovy itself, but, i.e. in a case
of python, SimpleHTTPServer it's just a module after all.

I would rather see something like:

groovy -m com.sparkjava:spark-groovy -c "serve(port: 8080, path: 'd:\\temp')"

On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 2:29 PM Daniel Sun <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=5737245&i=3>>
Hi all,

        SimpleHTTPServer has been implemented(, it

supports serving files not only under directory but also in the zip file.

Here is the usage: "-lh <httpServerPort>         listen on a port and

provide http service", e.g.

*serve files under current directory*: groovy -lh 8000

*serve files under a specified directory*: groovy -lh 8000 d:\temp

*serve files in a zip file(we can view javadoc and groovydoc in the zip

files inspried by GroovyHelp)*: groovy -lh 8000 d:\

         In addition, we can change the context root(/helloworld, default

context root is /) via passing complete arguments: groovy -lh 8000 d:\temp

helloworld,  its usage is: groovy -lh <httpServerPort> <base directory>

[context root]

         After the SimpleHTTPServer launched, we can access files via

visiting http://localhost<http://localhost/>:<httpServerPort>/<context root>/<path
relative to

the base directory>

         Any thoughts?




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