Hi Jochen,

> "obj.hello('Daniel')" 
My mail client translated the generics type to html tag, which is ignored... The example code is about generics method call.

> I expected conflicts with a.*x and a.?x, but not with an import. 
The lexer will try to match as many characters as possible and make tokens, as a result, .* in the import statement is also recognized as custom operator. So I use ` instead for the time being.


在 "Jochen Theodorou [via Groovy]" <ml-node+[hidden email]>,2016年11月1日 下午10:17写道:

On 01.11.2016 02:39, Daniel.Sun wrote:
> Hi Jochen,
>       I tried to implement custom operator based on your new idea and
> found it a bit ambiguous, e.g. ".<" is ambiguous to
> "obj.hello('Daniel')"

this I do not understand really, unless < can be part of an identifier
or an identifier can end with a dot, but the later would produce even
more ambiguity problems.

>, ".*" is ambiguous to "import java.util.*", etc.

I expected conflicts with a.*x and a.?x, but not with an import. Makes
me think the approach is maybe wrong. Where did you do the changes? Some
place as for thee `?

bye Jcohen

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