I see.

Feel free to merge the new parser back when you think it is mature and ready to go home ;)  Currently The parser is lack of some syntax checks(e.g. continue should only be used in loop) and friendly messages for developers.


在 "Jochen Theodorou [via Groovy]" <ml-node+[hidden email]>,2016年10月7日 19:03写道:

On 07.10.2016 08:52, daniel_sun wrote:
> How about providing a jar file containing the new parser, which is
> compiled by Java8. When developers use Java8, they can try the new
> parser by turning on the switch.

I think for the time being we could make the new parser just a
subproject that depends on main. Then this subproject can be java8,
while the remainder of the project is java7. We need to
ressurect/repair/activate the antlrparser plugin mechanism, but
otherwise there should be no big problem.... Of course java7 would then
not be able to use the new parser. WE can still think about porting or
not, once we have it merged back.

bye Jochen

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