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From 孙 岚 <>
Subject Summary for project groovy-parser
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2016 01:39:26 GMT
Hi all,

        I'm very glad to summarize the groovy-parser project. Currently almost all features
of Groovy are available. In addition, the following new features have been added:
1) do-while loop;
2) identical operation(===, !==);
3) lambda expression;
4) method reference and constructor reference;
5) groovydoc attached to AST node as metadata(to simplify generating groovydoc);

         There are 3 failing test cases to fix, which will be done when the PR(
is merged.

         More information can be found at

         At last, I want to thank *Jochen Theodorou* and *Paul King* who helped me confirm
issues and offered suggestions, *Cédric Champeau* who offered me a new CI instance and invited
me to become a committer of Apache Groovy to contribute more easily, *Sergei Egorov* who helped
me fix the 3 failing test cases related to MacroGroovy,  *Graeme Rocher* who offered me suggestions
to fix issues of Travis CI, Sam Harwell who offered me suggestions on usage of Antlr4.

         Let's try our best to make Apache Groovy groovier and groovier!


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