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From "Miles, Chris (MFT)" <>
Subject RE: [PROGRESS REPORT 20161004]groovy-parser
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:29:40 GMT
Excellent, well done!
From: daniel_sun []
Sent: 03 October 2016 17:22
Subject: [PROGRESS REPORT 20161004]groovy-parser

Hi List,

      Currently the new parser can parse almost all groovy source
codes(including the scripts embedded) of groovy project(2.5.0 master branch,
*4621 IN TOTAL, 4619 PASSES, 2 FAILED*). In other words, the AST generated
by the new and old parsers are almost same(except corrected location
information of nodes). You can find more details in the groovy-parser

     The 2 FAILED test cases is:
1) src/test/groovy/EscapedUnicodeTest.groovy(TODO find a better way to
translate code written in unicode escapes);

      The following work will be done in the near future:
1) set the new parser as the default parser to build groovy itself and run
all test cases;
2) provide friendly error message;
3) add more features to make Groovy more compatible with Java, e.g.
do-while, lambda expression, etc.

     At last, I want to thank *Jochen Theodorou* and *Paul King*, who
provide me many suggestion and help while developping the new parser.


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