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    On 07.09.2016 14:33, Thibault Kruse wrote:

        The groovysh tests failed last because the strategy to read package
        contents via the ClassLoader does not work with Java8. Possibly
        checking how the new Java REPL does things could reveal a
        solution, if
        they do have tab completion for imports. In the meantime, I'd
        skipping those tests when testing with Java9. Not having completion
        for imports in groovysh with Java9 should probably not be critical.

    How about basing this on the classpath property instead? That is
    what I did for 90% of the other failing tests

All of the groovysh tests pass for me using build 9-ea+134-jigsaw.

really? that would be strange since I did see getResource calls to find .class files and it was said, that this is not supported anymore in JDK9/jigsaw.... and then again, I can confirm that everything works with ea+134-jigsaw. Strange. I also tested the indy version of the build, and everything seems to work fine.


bye Jochen

There was special jigsaw handling added [1].  For a span of builds it wasn't working but as of the recent builds I think some fixes to the jrt filesystem were fixed so now it passes.  After the recent changes now there is just one failing Swing test.

[1] https://github.com/apache/groovy/blob/d1fdc38c2c2c0539b434326b37b813328ced96a4/subprojects/groovy-groovysh/src/main/groovy/org/codehaus/groovy/tools/shell/util/PackageHelperImpl.groovy#L118-L122