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From 孙 岚 <>
Subject [CONTRIBUTION]groovy-parser
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2016 08:27:35 GMT
Hi List,

      The groovy-antlr4-grammar project is very hard to maintain and the performance is terrible,
so I am rewriting the parser(, which is based
on the Java grammar provided by the antlr offical and introduced some good idea from the old
grammar. The Java parser generated by antlr4 is proved efficient in the most of senarios,
so Groovy parser will be efficient too if monitoring the performance from the beginning.

      The groovy-parser project is now stand-alone in order to develop rapidly. When the project
is mature enough, I will make a PR to replace groovy-antlr4-grammar. BTW, groovy-parser requires
Java 8.

       Currently groovy-parser supports all statements, most of expressions(except method
call expression, command expression, etc.). I wish the groovy-parser could be done before
the end of this year(2016).

       Any suggestion and help is appreciated.


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