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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: JDK9 and the problem of @Grab
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2016 11:17:09 GMT
On 27.08.2016 12:28, Paul King wrote:
> I guess I haven't looked into that part of JDK9 just yet. My first
> reaction would be to try to see what work would be involved with the
> "special handling". Keeping the existing behaviour (or close to it
> with perhaps a few caveats) would be ideal but has to be weighed up
> with the amount of work required to do that.

from what I understood so far you have to make a Layer containing all 
the dependencies, including the program itself (means the class will be 
loaded a second time) and then it is supposed to work. Of course you 
have to solve the problem of calling the new class instead of the old 
one then. And maybe this would be no problem to do, if I was feeling 
safe with this API. The problem being though, we will need jsk9 specific 
code for this, thus jdk9 will becomes the defacto build version for 
Groovy. I mean, we probably will have to make that step some-when, So 
maybe now is better than later. On the other hand I feel bad about 
requiring jdk9 to build Groovy and not being able to completely build 
Groovy on JDK9 at the same time

bye Jochen

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