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From Steve Byrne <>
Subject Re: down
Date Sun, 22 May 2016 19:27:01 GMT

> On May 22, 2016, at 11:20 AM, Guillaume Laforge <> wrote:
> And... it's back now!


> Sorry again for the inconvenience, but this was really beyond our control unfortunately.
> Regarding your points, Steve:
> 1) If a company is stupid to "abandon" a great language like Groovy, too bad for them

Yes -- absolutely!  It was a dumb idea -- I understand their business reasons I think, but
still.... [again, I was speaking of *perceptions* of people outside -- FUD]
And yes, Groovy is a GREAT language!  I wish I had started learning it earlier, would have
bypassed Scala altogether!  It's so easy to code in, GDK has tasteful augmentations to the
JDK...I'm glad I'm on board now!

> 2) Well, we can't control perception obviously, and I didn't envision a simple DNS domain
name transfer would fail so bad. Normally, this kind of process should really be smooth. So
it's really really unfortunate that the ASF infra couldn't handle that appropriately and timely.
To their defense, it's mostly a team of non-paid volunteers, relying on services granted for
free by third-parties, and in this instance, it was really not a smooth and reliable process.

Right -- I understand volunteer software efforts -- been there, done that.   I thought ASF
had a "foundation" that was funding some of their costs (just a presumption on my part).

> 3) We're at the wheel, don't worry, even if not full time like we used to.
> Reverting the process wasn't possible, as once you've made the move to transfer a domain
name, you can't take it back, so I couldn't have been able to reclaim it. And since the Apache
foundation mandates that such domain names be in their control, we would have had to go through
that process anyway. So reverting to try again later would have run the risk of two such downtimes,
which would be even worse.

Oh -- I know you're in control of the situation.  It's great that Apache was able to provide
a home for Groovy, and that Groovy adoption has accelerated since the move!

Thanks again for the explanation, and I'm beyond happy that <>
is back among the living!!!

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