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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Improve Groovy class loading performance and memory management
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 17:19:42 GMT
hi all,

I thought I try to give an update on the ClassValue issue. Well.. my 
first suggestion is to really not activate it by default. That is 
because Classvalue  has quite special semantics.

I am trying to explain them a bit here....

so let us define AV as the value computed by a ClassValue aClassValue 
and aClass the class value we want an AV for.

so there is relation (aClass,aClassValue)-> AV

In this relation there will be a strong reference of aClass to AV. 
aClass and aClassValue can be (in theory) collected independent of AV, 
AV can only be collected after aClass or aClassValue have been 
collected. Even if AV references aClass it can still be collected - 
under conditions

No imagine AV is actually called ClassInfo and from our Groovy runtime 
and aClass is Integer. Since it is a system class, aClass will be never 
collected, since aClassValue is an instance of our runtime, its class 
and ClassInfo will have the same class loader. As there is a strong 
reference to ClassInfo, that ClassInfo instance will not be collected. 
And as ClassInfo will stay loaded, so will any class of the groovy 
runtime. And since the class value is usually in a static field, that 
mean class value too. In conclusion that means the runtime will not be 
unloaded at all, class space used up and the final is a OOME.

There is no chance our approach in the current implementation can work. 
To avoid the problem we would have to do a lot of things. first of all, 
we have to avoid having an AV, which is from our runtime. So at the very 
least we would need something like a WeakReference<ClassInfo> computed 
from the classvalue, instead of ClassInfo directly. Next we would have 
to keep a list of ClassInfo to avoid their garbage collection right 
away. And then we would have to find a way to remove entries from there 
upon class removal.

And that´s not all of it :(

bye Jochen

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