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From Alain Stalder <>
Subject Re: Improve Groovy class loading performance and memory management
Date Tue, 17 May 2016 07:48:15 GMT

On 17.05.16 09:04, Alain Stalder wrote:
> PS: Note that Introspector.flushFromCaches(clazz) was experimentally 
> really not necessary in this case, but maybe has to do with the simple 
> nature of the test script ("42") and only calling a (no-args) 
> constructor... In any case very promising...

Ah, that's simply because it is already called in 

     public static void removeClass(Class clazz) {

Experimentally, for the test with ClassGCTester, the first call 
(metaRegistry.removeMetaClass(clazz)) was not necessary to have garbage 
collection before Metaspace reaches the maximum, the other two were.


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