There hasn't been much discussions on this thread. If Groovy is planning to apply as organisation, I'd like to apply as student to work on Groovy stuff. This year will be the last where I'm able to participate. That's why I reopen the discussion.

Christophe Henry.

Le 12 février 2016 17:16:40 GMT+01:00, Russel Winder <> a écrit :

Apache has submitted itself as an organization to the Google Summer
of Code.
Anyone Groovy committer who would be willing to become a mentor?
And what projects would we want to propose?

I am happy to be a mentor.

The most pressing thing (in my, obviously, humble opinion :-) is to get
GPars 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT in place.

The top-level view on this is to replace the extra166 ParalleArray code
with Streams based implementations. Much of this is relatively trivial
(and so a good entry for a person to get started), but there is much
that is far from trivial (and so good for being a reasonable
intellectual exercises).

We also need a review of the non-local Netty-based stuff that Sławik
did to see if there is any changes needed so make the API consistent
for the 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.