Yes was just going to ask about that. Our website says GPars 1.3.0 is next as a SNAPSHOT  pending a repository provider other than codehaus

As i am working in that part of our documentation, it would be very easy to include stuff about 1.3.0-RC even if i just have placeholders in the material pending arrival of gpars-1.3.0-RC  etc. Then when you all have worked up an RC we can fly. ;-D

On Tuesday, 5 January 2016 15:24:11 UTC+1, Russel Winder wrote:
Groovy currently ships with GPars 1.2.1, I wonder if we should
contemplate switching to 1.3.0 (not as yet released) for the Groovy
2.5.0 release. Not the 2.4.6 release obviously since a change of
dependency not driven by a bug fix is probably not a good thing.

Obviously we have not released a GPars since the demise of Codehaus so
we need to try creating a SNAPSHOT and/or RC release that is not a
formal release for people to try and then do a formal 1.3.0 release.

I tried to do something on this last year but stuff got in the way. I
fully expect to have lots of time on my hands for the next couple of

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