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From Peter Ledbrook <>
Subject API document generation
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 08:37:54 GMT

I tweeted about including some of MrHaki's Groovy Goodness examples in the
API documentation and this led to discussions about the technology behind
the generations of those docs.

I'm not that familiar with the limitations of groovydoc, but I have heard
complaints about it. For example, it seems you can't use doclets designed
for javadoc. Perhaps it's time to discuss an alternative system to
groovydoc? Maybe one that's independent of javadoc.

So, do people think we need to consider a new API doc system, or does the
existing one just need a little love to add things like AsciiDoc support or
integrate extension method (Groovy JDK) and normal (Groovy API) docs?


Peter Ledbrook
t: @pledbrook

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