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From Edinson E. PadrĂ³n U. <>
Subject Re: Groovy 3.0
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 23:16:54 GMT
Hi, Guillaume.

In my very humble opinion (and it should be noticed that I'm very far 
away to know the Groovy community and language internals as well as you 
do), the Python 2.x vs 3.x 'war' was due to mainly a very slow adoption 
of the 3.x branch from the different third-party libraries. Even though 
the 3.x branch is far better than  its predecessor, the community stuck 
with the 2.x branch because of the incompatibility of the libraries 
their depended on. It should be notice that a lot of third-party Python 
libraries are poorly maintained or not maintained at all. Most of the 
projects heavily used and supported where ported relatively quickly. 
IMHO the Groovy ecosystem doesn't lack of support as many of the Python 
libraries do. An awesome tool the Python's devs created was the 2to3 
program to port almost every 2.x program to 3.x. That could be of help 
in the Groovy 3 situation. Jigsaw is inevitable and that for itself 
require to break backward compatibility. C++ and Java itself are two 
languages who knows how problematic is to avoid at any cost breaking 
backward compatibility and at least C++ can be a big pain some times 
just because of that.


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