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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Graal truffle and groovy
Date Sun, 03 Jan 2016 10:32:14 GMT
On 03.01.2016 04:14, Esteban GĂ­nez wrote:
> Hey guys.
> I spent some time today reading about Graal and Truffle, thought there
> is still lots for me to learn there. I am somewhat curious if people
> have though about writing groovy on top of graal and truffle

Thought yes... for several years actually. But time to do that? Sadly no.

One concern is that given our license we can only use Truffle and most 
not use Graal directly. I assume this is not a real problem, for a 
prototype anyway.

The question is where to interface with Truffle/Graal. We could safe the 
bytecode generation step and instead use the AST (or a shadow of it) to 
execute the program. But then again we would have the costly class 
resolving step in there all the time. So we would first have to write 
out some kind of intermediate format, which is "interpreted" by Graal. 
Of course right now, bytecode itself looks like a possible choice for 
this. But it is imho questionable if an approach like that will really 
allow for the kind of optimization, that makes Graal interesting at all.

So I cannot find the gradual path I would like to have instead of a big 
implementation, which is required to get a simple program running. And 
then of course you would have to rewrite the meta class system to marry 
it with truffle to really get something out of this.

Not saying it is no worth it... just saying this can turn out consuming 
a lot of time

bye blackdrag

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