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From Rahul Somasunderam <>
Subject RE: Tests failing locally
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 00:17:52 GMT
Hi Pascal!

Thanks a lot. The ExecuteTest ran fine on rerunning independently a couple of times.

One of the ExtensionModuleTest cleared out (testThatModuleCanBeLoadedWithGrab). The other
2 are still failing.
The STCExtensionModuleTest is still failing too.

I'll try out on a different computer, a different OS or a few different versions of Java to
see if that makes me consistent with other developers.

Thanks again!


From: pschumacher [via Groovy] []
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2015 4:17 AM
To: Rahul Somasunderam
Subject: Re: Tests failing locally

Hi Rahul,

the tests pass for me locally, but if my memory serves me correctly the
*ExtensionModuleTests did fail on teamcity recently due to a corrupted
grape directory. Try deleting "~/.groovy/grapes", maybe this helps.

ExecuteTest is one fragile tests that use sleep(), so it fails form time
to time (especially if the tests are not executed single-threaded like
on the ci-server). A PR to make it more stable would be welcome.


Am 06.12.2015 um 03:10 schrieb Rahul Somasunderam:

> Hi,
> I have these 5 tests failing locally, however Jenkins doesn't seem to
> complain when I send a PR.
> ExecuteTest. testExecuteCommandLineProcessAndUseWaitForOrKill
> STCExtensionMethodsTest. testShouldFindExtensionMethodWithGrab
> ExtensionModuleTest. testExtensionModuleUsingGrabAndClosure
> ExtensionModuleTest. testExtensionModuleUsingGrabAndMap
> ExtensionModuleTest. testThatModuleCanBeLoadedWithGrab
> I'm running on MacOS El Capitan with Java 8u60.
> Is anyone else running into the same? Is this something I should try to fix?
> R,
> rahul
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