Hey guys

I've been playing with the MarkupTemplateEngine these past few days, I wanted to use it in lieu of gsp..(no offense to gsp's but the groovy templates are way nicer).

As a first step I was able to hack a taglib that allows to 'embed' groovy templates in your gsp
like so
..some gsp
h1('some h1 title) { a('some more text') }
....contnue gsp


While doing so I noticed that some interesting rendering...

import groovy.text.markup.MarkupTemplateEngine
import java.io.StringWriter
def eng = new MarkupTemplateEngine()

def w = new StringWriter()
eng.createTemplate ('''
n1('text1'){ n2('text2') }
assert w.toString() == '<n1>text1<n2>text2</n2></n1>'

The above assertion evaluates to false, the string that gets generated is

Wondering if some has seen this in the past or is a known bug. I haven't looked into the code yet but I'll do it a little later
Any input is appreciatedĀ 
Thanks guys