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From Pascal Schumacher <>
Subject Re: challenges through Java modules (aka jigsaw)
Date Thu, 26 Nov 2015 18:18:36 GMT
Thanks for the detailed analysis Cédric. :)

Am 26.11.2015 um 13:10 schrieb Cédric Champeau:
> So what can we do?
> 1. the easiest, fastest path, is to kill all modules that we have 
> today, and go with a single, good old, groovy-all jar. We would go 
> years backwards, and it's definitely not something we want to do. We 
> want to have *more* modularization, in particular for Android, where 
> the current split is still too big.
> 2. refactor modules so that each module has its own set of packages, 
> and hope that we don't end up with a big groovy-all jar. Seems very 
> unlikely.
> 3. break binary compatibility, move classes around, reorganize stuff.

Am 26.11.2015 um 14:16 schrieb Jochen Theodorou:
> I think we should concentrate on solving the package name conflicts in 
> the new module system first... which basically is route 2. I am pretty 
> sure the jdk9 problems won't end there and we need time to solve these 
> problems as well... Of course we could still think about getting rid 
> of the callsite caching part and depend on say JDK7 as minimum version.

I agree, we should try option 2 or - if it's nearly the same as option 1 
- take option 1.

I think option 3 is the worst. With our current lack of resources I 
doubt that we could implement enough "killer" features to motivate 
people to update (getting people to update would be difficult anyway).


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